The Future and a New Name

90s Horror Review launched in September 2017. 

I originally envisioned the site as a book with a beginning and an end. I wanted to focus mainly on teen horror from the 90’s, watch all the films that I could get my hands on, and then end the site. It would remain online as a virtual book/database of sorts.

But I began branching out into other sub genres of 90’s horror and then I started reviewing some newer horror films as they came along. I tried to space out the new films with the 90’s films, but depending on my life and how much time I had, that didn’t always work out. Eventually, the site began to have just as many reviews for more current films as it did 90’s films and it started to lose its niche. 

One of my inspirations for 90’s Horror Review was a website called House of Horrors. It’s still online but looks to have been bought by someone overseas who has attempted to monetize the website without adding new content. In fact, some of the new content that was posted last year was actually form the 90’s! So, basically, I don’t advise you to check out this site because it isn’t what it used to be. But back in the 90’s, it was my source for horror films. It contained a Vault of Horror that listed the web designer’s favorite films, some trivia, and a review. (I wrote a tribute to House of Horrors a few years back.)

I loved this site and I credit it with opening my eyes to horror movies I had never heard of before. It gave me a baseline of horror knowledge and really helped kindle my love for the genre. I guess, in a way, I’ve just been trying to create my own version of House of Horrors online so that maybe some other impressionable teenager will stumble upon it and find the satisfaction from horror movies that I do thanks to a little website.

I’m telling you all of this because I’ve decided to rebrand 90’s Horror Review. The site needs new title that better represents the material that is actually on the site and opens it up for growth. I spent sometimes trying to come up with something clever, but nothing really came to mind. So, I’ve decided to call it Brandon’s Horror Review. It stays true to my original title and just eliminates the 90’s branding.

90’s horror will always be close to my heart and I don’t see my 90’s reviews slowing down any. There are still hundreds of movies that I want to watch and review from the 1990’s, but I do want this site to have a branding that represents it better as a whole. So please update your bookmarks to so that you don’t miss any of the horror goodness that is to come.

And while I got you here, you may have noticed some construction around the site. I actually redesigned the site and put it on a different server and then came back my original design. I like the way the site looks and functions and while it’s not the most modern 2.0 design, its way more in line with what I actually like websites to look like and how they work. It’s less about the imagery and more about the content which was always a goal of mine.

I appreciate your patience with all the changes that have been going on the past few weeks, but I think you’ll see it’s all been worth it. I’ve gone through and re-categorized all the posts and have been adding images and updates to every single past post. I also have enough pre-written material to get us through the end of the year, with two-three posts per month. This way there is no more downtime like there was in the fall of 2019 when I posted sporadically.

For you longtime readers, thank you so much for sticking around. For any new readers, welcome and I hope you enjoy the site!

Author: Brandon
Brandon is an aspiring writer who never finishes a project. He spends his time watching AEW with his wife, wishing he could relive the 90's, and playing his Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch. When he's not doing one of those things, you can pretty much guarantee he's watching Star Trek or Babylon 5, some cheesy horror movie, or a 90's sitcom. You can find his personal blog at

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